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Skin Care Top 10 Best Seller

Labels Say no to chapped lipsA fragrant treat you can take everywhere!Lip Balm is a concentrate..
Labels     Hooray for my hair!For healthy, lustrous hair, The French b..
Labels    Hooray for my hair!Your scalp's new best friendA shampoo specially des..
Labels   In my own bubbleThe whole beehive in your handsPropolis offers you all the m..
Labels    In my own bubbleEveryday personal comfortPropolia created this certifi..
Labels   Take control of your skinSoft, fragrant handsSlip on fresh, satin-smooth glo..
Labels   Take control of your skinA concentrate of active ingredients for damaged ski..
Labels  Secrets de l'aubeSweet morningsSecrets de l’Aube from Propolia, a simple way to c..
Labels  Prélude à l'auroreLight as airGently fulfil your daily needs with Propolia® day c..
Labels  Beautiful in my bubbleA concentrate of active ingredients for damaged skinGive yo..
Labels  Confidences nocturnesRediscover your skinFinish off your day - Rich in Vitamin E ..
Labels   Intense PropolisSo simple, yet so complex100% NATURAL, DERMATOLOGIST AN..
Labels     In my own bubbleHypoallergenic formulaFor little bees who only d..
Labels    In my own bubbleWith purifying citrusThe wonderful smell of Mandarin i..
Labels    Hooray for my hair!The full nourishing power of the beehiveThis hair c..