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The combined action of honey and Propolis on raw and scratchy throats is well known and has been gaining more fans every year. With good reason: Propolis' natural properties make it the ideal partner for your well-being when winter comes.

Propolia® has always done everything possible to create products that enable you to take full advantage of its effectiveness thanks to a range of galenic formats and tastes that have long be popular with singers, smokers, speakers...and great communicators

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Evening Syrup

Labels    Take it easyThroat and relaxationA specialist in propolis and beehive ..

Organic Propolis Lozenges • Anise

Labels   The beekeeper's sweetsThe organic pleasures of the BeehiveDiscover the best ..

Propolis Lozenges • Eucalyptus

Labels  The Beekeeper's sweetsRefreshingDiscover the best of French Propolis in sweet, nat..

Propolis Lozenges • Ginger

Labels   The Beekeeper's sweetsSweetness & Character Discover the best of Pr..

Propolis Lozenges • Liquorice

Labels The beekeeper's sweetsPleasures of yesteryearDiscover the best of French Propolis in swe..

Propolis Lozenges • Orange

Labels  The Beekeeper's sweetsHoney and Orange sweetnessDiscover the best of French Propol..

Propolis-Honey Organic pastilles

Labels   The Beekeeper's sweetsHoney and Propolis without the fussDiscover the best o..

Refreshing Mouth Spray

Labels    The Beekeeper's sprayNatural freshnessA specialist in Propolis purific..

Spray buccal Apaisant Bio

Labels   Propolis intense®For a naturally soothed throat*Developed for immediate reli..

Throat Syrup

Labels  The Beekeeper's 'Grog'A little help during the dayThis formula is designed to soot..