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Active balm

Labels   Take control of your skinA concentrate of active ingredients for damaged ski..

Active Shower Gel

Labels    In my own bubbleWith purifying citrusThe wonderful smell of Mandarin i..

Active Soap

In my own bubbleThe whole beehive in your handsPropolis offers you all the miracles of the Beehive f..

Body Milk

Labels   Take control of your skinTake care of your bodyTry Propolia’s body milk for ..

Box capillaire

Labels     Être de mèche®The full nourishing power of the beehive &nbs..

Circulation Boosting Complex

Labels Perpetual motionFor healthy circulation*These capsules contain all of the know-how of tr..

Cream for dry feet

Labels   Happy feetYour foot's best friendMake your feet dance with Crème Pieds Secs ..


Labels   Take control of your skinImmediate, natural results The antiperspirant ..

Fruity Massage Balm

Labels    TantrayanaSummer nights' pleasureWhat is your massage tantra, ("ritual..

Gel for Lighter Feeling Legs

Labels    Shake a leg!Comfort, freshness and lightnessDo long, overheated or ove..

Gel for sensitive feet

Labels    Light feetDeodorizing and antiperspirantFor soreness and daily exertio..

Gentle Shampoo

Labels     Hooray for my hair!For healthy, lustrous hair, The French b..

Gentle Shower Gel

Labels     In my own bubbleHypoallergenic formulaFor little bees who only d..

Hair & Nails Capsules

Labels Être de mèche®For healthy hair and nails1Propolia® gives your hair its expertise in the ..

Hair Conditioner

Labels    Être de mèche®At last! Forget the unpleasant feeling of a brush pullin..