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Legs & muscles

Legs & muscles

Who provides you with the most support on long, hard days? Your legs! Propolia® has thought about how to help them and developed a line of care and prevention products for every situation

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Circulation Boosting Complex

Labels Perpetual motionFor healthy circulation*These capsules contain all of the know-how of tr..

Cream for dry feet

Labels   Happy feetYour foot's best friendMake your feet dance with Crème Pieds Secs ..

Gel for Lighter Feeling Legs

Labels    Shake a leg!Comfort, freshness and lightnessDo long, overheated or ove..

Gel for sensitive feet

Labels    Light feetDeodorizing and antiperspirantFor soreness and daily exertio..

Joint Capsules

Labels  Perpetual motionFor healthy joints*Help your joints stay healthy to fight every da..