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Circulation Boosting Complex

LabelsIngredientsPure micronized Propolis extract 23%, Common Grape Vine extract (Vitis vinifera) 23..

Double action® tablets

Labels  I feel great!Tone up for winter well-beingReap the combined benefits of Propolis a..

Energie Vitale®

Labels    I feel great!Reveal all your potential thanks to the Energie Vitale* -..

Hair & Nails Capsules

Labels Être de mèche®For healthy hair and nails1Propolia® gives your hair its expertise in the ..

Joint Capsules

Labels  Perpetual motionFor healthy joints*Help your joints stay healthy to fight every da..

Tonic Potion®

Labels  I feel great!An instant boostRevitalise yourself with Tonic’Potion*!Tonic’Potion® ..