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Intense Propolis Organic

Intense Propolis Organic

Is Propolis the best illustration of what beehive products can do? Yes, hands down! Collected from plant buds and processed by worker bees, this combination of plant and animal raw materials is packed with benefits: it's a real Swiss army knife for your well-being.

Propolia® has been bringing you the best of Propolis in its products since 1979: the product line is a demonstration of our know-how and of our in-depth knowledge of this incredible tool.

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Organic Propolis Tincture

Labels   Ingredients100% purified organic Propolis extract *.Extract solvents: Alcoho..


Organic Propolis to Chew

Labels   Ingredients100% purified* propolis* ingredrient coming from Organic FarmingK..


Organic Soothing Oral Spray

Labels   IngredientsOrganic Propolis extract*, Organic Honey*, Organic Essential oils..


Propolis-Honey Organic pastilles

Labels  IngredientsGum Arabic* (thickener), Honey* 35%, Agave syrup* (Agave tequilana), Pu..