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A team that listens to you

Apimab Laboratoires, creator of the Propolia® brand has seen its staff increase along with its growth and brand recognition.

The company now has about 30 employees who are all involved with bees and convinced of the value of Propolis in our areas of activity. A belief most certainly inspired by Mr Bernard.

The everyday spirit of the Beehive

The Propolia® team works on new formulas every day. It takes its inspiration from Nature to improve our current products, based on our personal experiences and..., particularly, your needs..

It's obvious to us that our quality must both respect biodiversity and meet your everyday needs!

Connected teams

From the harvesting beekeeper to the finished product in your bathroom, Propolia® products pass through different departments, each of which is specialised in its particular field and works together with the others to ensure that you will be entirely satisfied with our little Propolia® beehive.

An employee and a team is there at every step, making a contribution every day:

  • R&D develops very special formulas adapted to your needs, including both food supplements and cosmetics ;
  • Purchasing ensures sourcing of the best raw materials and containers for your favourite products ;
  • Production makes concentrated Propolis extracts and prepares your products in vats that look like the cauldrons of a Gaulish druid ;
  • Packaging carefully puts your Propolia® products in containers (we don't waste a drop!) ;
  • Maintenance ensures that production and packaging operate without technical glitches (we call them MacGyvers) ;
  • Quality control checks Propolia® products every day to ensure that they comply with the standards in effect (we call them Deutsche Qualität) ;
  • Shipping carefully wraps your creams, sprays and syrups in fun, recyclable bubble wrap (you can pop the bubbles) and amusing and recyclable boxes (they keep the cats busy. If you don't have a cat you can always use them to make a robot costume for Halloween). ;
  • France sales are in constant contact with our reseller partners: stores, beekeepers, beauty salons, health professionals, etc. ;
  • Export is in direct contact with our export reseller partners: stores, beekeepers, beauty salons, etc. ;
  • Customer support answers your questions about our products, gives you big telephone smiles and helps you with your orders ;
  • Accounting... counts ;
  • Marketing racks its brains to find funny names for your products and devise friendly messages for the website ;
  • Management orchestrates the interactions between all the groups and maintains the buzz...the beehive-like atmosphere.