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The world of bees

The bee's world is vast: it is one in which there is flowering, swarming, biodiversity, pollination and a very interesting insect.

It's a world in which...

We could speak only of beekeeping topics, of wonderful stories from our French regions, of the way our beekeepers harvest honey and live in harmony with their hives.

Unfortunately, it's also a world in which we have to talk about pesticides, Varroa, the changing climate and the collapse of colonies.

That's a world we won't talk about much here.

However, if you're interested

If you want to hear all of these wonderful stories, stories told by people with a passion, touching stories...and if you want to discuss what is at stake for our bees, don't go to a website.

Grab your coat, your partner's and your children's hands and go out. Go meet beekeepers at your local market, in their honey house or at a national event like Apidays. They will best be able to share their passion with you and help you pass it on to future generations.

We will be talking to you about

Our core business: apitherapy...and not about beekeeping, despite our origins and love for that trade. We will be talking about what we know best:

An employee and a team is there at every step, making a contribution every day:

  • The use of Propolis throughout history
  • The benefits of beehive products
  • The ingredients we select with care to ensure better synergies between the active ingredients.