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What sets us apart?

The search for optimal quality

Our customers are more than just consumers to us. Which is why we have a responsibility to ensure the total quality of our products, as required for all consumer products.

As a result, our formulas are particularly rich and our Propolis extracts contain high concentrations of purified product. We can't imagine creating products whose active ingredients - and quality - are not what you expect: we don't cheat.

To learn more about our quality process, follow the lead...

A French production

The Propolis we use every day for our extracts is sourced in France and in the EU. This raw material is essential for our products. It is produced and harvested by our beekeeper partners then carefully purified and processed in our laboratory in the Hérault region (southern France).

The finished products made with Propolis are also formulated, manufactured and packaged in France. We support the local economy.

Inspired by nature

Bees need unspoiled nature to bring us the best of its benefits. It's vital that we use natural ingredients to create our products.

To make our products as natural as possible and guarantee our commitment, we source our ingredients from organic producers who are more respectful of nature and human concerns. The products are certified Organic as soon as possible by an approved organisation to ensure that you can put your full trust in the best plant ingredients.

A sustainable approach

Aware of the realities which preoccupy us all, we have put our company on the path to sustainable development. We buy as many of our raw materials as possible from French suppliers to limit transportation and the carbon footprint of our products and to promote the local economy and jobs.

Responsible awareness

Our responsibility is part of a complex, multi-level ecosystem which means that our activities must meet more than our own needs. We know that the ideas of our distributors and our partners as well as your ideas are all important to our progress. We always take them into account in our approach to solving everyday problems.

On the other hand, we also try to share our values with all of our partners by offering support and helping to raise their awareness about the challenges facing French bees and beekeeping. To ensure that those around us are fully aware.