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Cévennes honey 125g - Organic Chesnut

Cévennes honey 125g - Organic Chesnut

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This means that we comply with "Organic Farming" specifications and that we do not use any chemical fertilizers, or chemical weed killers, or pesticides, or chemical fungicides. 

A little culture

Until the 1940s, beekeepers from the Cévennes and elsewhere created hives from old chestnut tree trunks. Once hollowed out, swarms would settle their colony inside.
In addition, beekeeping and chestnut forestry are linked by similar ecological issues. Since 2014, many partnerships, particularly in the Cévennes, Ardèche and Haut Languedoc regions were formed  to research into fighting against Cynips, a Chestnut parasite, in cooperation with the INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research).


Directions for use

It can be spread on a slice of rye or wholemeal bread, with or without butter (we love it with salted butter). It can be added to morning tea or simply with a yogurt. In the kitchen it can be used to soften your meals and salad dressings - it is all about taste and desire!



To preserve all the flavors and qualities of honey it is recommended not to heat it above 37° C. If necessary make it a little more liquid by warming it up on a radiator or in a hot-water bath over a low heat. Store in a dry place away from light.

Nutrition Facts
serving size 1 tbsp (21g)
EU standard N1169/2011  Amount per
Amount per
Energy327 kcal69 kcal
Protein0.52 g< 0.5 g
Total Fat0 g0 g
- Saturated Fat0 g0 g
- Trans Fat0 g0 g
Carbohydrates81 g17 g
- Sugars80 g17 g
Sodium4.11 mg0.86 mg

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Délicat Essaim®

A specialist in Beehive products, Propolia® offers you a selection of individual honeys: dance with the bees and awaken your taste buds!


"Mélologie" of Chestnut Honey

A pronounced woody scent with light caramel and nutty notes, ending on a warm hint of prune.

This honey is liquid and so has a very slow crystallisation process.

France - PGI* Cévennes honey harvested by Muriel Pascal (A Beekeeper) (*PGI: protected geographical indication)

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